• Better Days Single Now Streaming

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Better Days Single Now Streaming

Phathead The Music Child

"Better Days"Official Music Video

Official "Music Child" Video Out Now👇👇👇

Check it out below ⬇️

Music Child Video

Real Music 🎶 Real Content

I am Phathead The Music Child. I am here to tell my story through music and give people a place where they can share their hardships and become a better person. All through the power of music. Come and become a Music Note on https://www.facebook.com/groups/2307

The Music Child Project

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I Am The Voice of The People


Video of the week on Concrete Magazine

Phathead's new single "Music Child" (official music video) made video of the week within 2 days of it's debut! 🎧


We Can Change The World One Person at a Time


Phathead's Write up in The Source Magazine

"The visual is crisp, the production is powerful, and it compliments Phathead‘s impeccable delivery. If this first song is a small sample of what is to be expected from the future project then it’s clear there is a powerful body of work on the way." - The Source Magazine (Shawn Grant)


There is Always Room to Grow


Phathead's full interview with Chad Armes

Phathead's Merchandise

Phathead's Music